Everest slot overview

If getting up from the couch to fetch the TV remote someone left on the other side of the room to change stations seems impossible, consider the courageous folks who climb the world’s tallest mountains. Mount Everest, at 8,848.86 meters, is the tallest. At its top, you tower over the globe. A thrilling notion for many mountaineers. Four Leaf Gaming’s Everest online slot may tempt you to climb the high peak but not the practicality.

At first glance, Everest didn’t appear like Everest, but rather Katmandu Gold. And indirectly Katmandu X and 4ThePLayers’ 90K Yeti Gigablox. Fair enough, all four games are situated in a snowy, mountainous region. However, hit spin and Everest’s gameplay resembles Katmandu Gold. The cool thing about free spins is that play moves to the peak of Mount Everest, where players may imagine overcoming several hazards. Imagine getting all the way there and discovering your camera battery dead—no Insta glory.

Each basic game spin starts with 4 rows of symbols on the 5-reel grid. opportunities-to-win pay systems provide players 1,024 opportunities to win at this size. The grid may stretch to 10 rows, activating 100,000 opportunities to win. Four Leaf Gaming’s 6/10 volatility rating and 96.45% potential return to player are also relevant. The return value is the same whether you bet 10p/c to £/€30 per spin or buy free spins.

Matching pay symbols on neighboring reels from the left generate a winning manner. The reels’ winning symbols are replaced with symbols above them. The grid gets an extra row up to 10 rows high. When there are no more avalanching victories, the base game grid resets. High payouts are 5 mask-type symbols for 2 to 10 times the wager for 5 OAK, while low pays are 10-through-Ace card symbols worth 0.4 to 1.2 times the bet for 5-of-a-kind hits. To help, Climbing Wilds replace all pay symbols. Climbing Wild wins raise the reels by 2 or 3 rows.

Everest slot features

Avalanche Wilds, free spins, Bonus Booster, Fortune Maker, Bonus Replay, Super Spinner, Nitro Spins, and feature purchase are other Everest features.

Snowball Wilds

The top of any reel can have Avalanche Wilds. Avalanche Wilds replace pay symbols and multiply wins by their multiplier. A victory causes the Avalanche Wild to cascade down and boost its multiplier by the amount of steps. Without winning symbols below, the reel drops down one level, raising the Avalanche Multiplier by +1.

Free Spins

Hit 3, 4, or 5 free spin icons for 10, 12, or 14 spins. Alternatively, free spins are provided when the reels reach 10 rows high, and each win after that earns another free spin. The complete 5×10 grid is used for free spins, which add an Avalanche Wild to the top of each reel. Avalanche Wilds grow their multiplier as in the basic game and vary the reel multiplier, which does not reset between free spins. Falling Avalanche Wilds start at the reel’s multiplier.

Bonus Booster

Gamble part or all of your free spins to win 1, 2, or 3 more with the Bonus Booster. Spins max out at 22.


The Fortune Maker appears if a free spins win exceeds a particular threshold. It offers a Plinko-style ball drop option to gamble the winnings.

Bonus Replay

Bonus rerun allows players bet their free spins earnings to rerun the bonus. Free spins recur when won, but lost spins reset the game.

A Super Spinner

Super Spinners may trigger when coin overlays are accumulated in the main game. Super Spinners can award cash, free spins, Fortune Makers, or Nitro Spins.

Nitro Spins

Nitro Spins increases Climbing Wilds, Avalanche Wilds, free spins scatter frequency, coin collection, and Super Spinner triggers. Nitro Spins cost 4 coins or 50% more.

Game & Fortune

Players can engage Nitro Spins, buy 60x free spins, or trigger the Super Spinner by clicking Game & Fortune. Coin collections can lower the later two’s cost.

Everest Slot Results

Like preparing for a Mount Everest climb and acquiring all the necessary gear, Everest the slot offers several characteristics. Four Leaf Gaming has used several of them in online slots including Wild Buccaneers Megaways, Clover Fortunes, and Dueling Jokers Dream Drop. Four Leaf Gaming offers Nitro Spins, post-feature gambles, free spins retrigger gambles, and pre-feature free spins gambles. All of them are optional, so gamblers may select where to try their luck, like a gambling salad bar.

The Everest-specific elements may be more fascinating than the extras. Some may dispute how unique the setup is as Everest and Katmandu Gold have non-thematic linkages. The Avalanche to increasing reel dynamism and expansion vibe are very ELK Studios. It should be noted that Four Leaf Gaming contributed several original goodies. Avalanche Wilds and Climbing Wilds may help develop and string victories, and when combined with everything else Everest has to offer, the winning potential is 28,600x the stake, almost as tall as Mount Everest at 29,031.7 feet.

Everest wasn’t as sensory-rich as Katmandu Gold, although the mountain vistas are great. When you consider its remarkable potential, decent default RTP, and large list of features, this slot stands out in this region.






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